DIY Dinosaur Egg Cup Succulent Planters

Sunday, 21 May 2017 16:13:06 Europe/London

Roarsome Idea - Our Origami Dinosaur Egg Cups as DIY Succulent Planters!

We admit, we’re total plant addicts! And there’s a reason why succulent’s are a firm favourite - they’re ridiculously easy to look after, can thrive almost anywhere..and cute as can be!

Do you know what we also love right now? this little DIY dinosaur egg cup planter is a total match made ultra-cool-gift (to ourselves) heaven.

This one’s super easy, even the least green fingered of you all can do this.


Step 1 - Grab yourself an origami dinosaur egg cup! (or 3 to complete the crew)


Step 2 - Choose your favourite little succulents. Here in sunny Brighton we're spoilt for choice with plant shops - one of our favourites is the Market Florist in the Open Market. It's the most reasonable we've found - 3 mini succulents for £3!

Step 3 - Add a little cacti/succulent soil in the base of the egg cup.

Step 4 - Add your little succulents and water lightly! 


Shop Dinosaur Egg Cups (£6.99 each):



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